So, I just edited a school name out of this blog.  I don’t like the idea of identifying a school with all these privacy laws, ridiculous as they are!  I know this, and did this, because someone I work with googled the school name, and it came up with my blog.  She’s just that clever, that after reading a few posts she worked out it was me!

In other news, I might even find some time to start updating again with the things I learn.  I have managed to finally (almost – first draft in) finished my masters write up.  I have also settled into a new year at school with the little people.  I have also moved home and am quite grumpy about how we’ve been treated by rental agency.   Boo hoo – join the club I know.   

Serious readers may remember missus – my stick insect.  She’s passed on, after a seriously good innings.  The day she dies I had my first hatchling.  Two days later I lost that and ADHD (given to me by a friend and only several month old) to the extreme melt me furnace that has been Melbourne.

Righto – I came, I saw, I blogged, and now – I must curl up and watch NCIS.  Priorities you know?

Here’s something I haven’ done for awhile…
mood: tired mixed with an almost there attitude
reading:  Handmaids Tale
listening to:  tv… NCIS ring a bell?


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