Today marks the end of daylight saving… and my phone didn’t love me enough to tell me this time.  Nor did my computer, though it did change the time on the right day!

In other news, I’m non-comm’d.  That’s right people.  You all know, because you’ve all tried to message me, and y’all wondering why I didn’t reply.  That’s what we’ve got Ben for.  But I’m not online, sim not registered, pain in the arse phone call awaiting me as soon as I can be bothered.  On the list of things I like are: being nice to people in call centres.  Everyone who calls is SHITTY and probably with fair reason.  If you call and pretend not to be shitty though, you get what you want a) faster and b) usually at minimal cost to yourself, other than not being shitty, which, lets face it, can sometimes be difficult.

In other news, those of you who know me, know I love to eat.  However, this does have an effect on the waistline.  So here it goes again: I need to hit the gym.  Yup… stay tuned for bitching about being tired… and how much my feet hurt.  I decided last year that I’d like to participate in a 5km fun run this year.  There’s one in September for teachers games, but there’s also one run by the age… in june.  What you all think?  I need some supporting messages people, so please…

Will keep you (hopefully not boringly) updated on how the whole fitness things looks as I get into it this term…

Off to see a panto (ohhh… the hits just keep on coming… not only am I all about the comedy, but trivia nights and live/ interacvtive theatre)


{April 4, 2008}   Things that are good

Feeling good after doing some housework
Puppies (or at least… mine)
Chocolate, tea, wine and bath… not necessarily in that order

Happy Holidays Teachers… hope they were good and that you didn’t have to touch a single piece of work (hahaha yeah right!)

Off to trivia :O You heard it here!  Trivia… NOT comedy.  We’ve almost done our share, but going out with a bang next week – Watson 24 hours show on Monday, Zack Adams Wednesday, Arj Barker (WHAT???  Another being name… tsk tsk) Thursday and then… pick of the festival on Friday night – Kent Valentine.  You should totally go and see him!!! 

{April 2, 2008}   Did you know???

That Goorjian is coaching the South Dragons?  That’s exciting.  It also means that I now have a basketball team to follow, and I might even end up with membership.  yeah.  Also?  I saw Frank Woodley last night.  I’m sorry to say that I thought it would be a little bit shit.  It turned out to be pretty fantastic.  It’s physical, it’s amusing, and the insight in being able to take some of the show to put into the gala, then NOT repeat it in the same way? Marvellous!  I think we may be looking at the reason we don’t see Colin Lane around any more… the creative instinct is a little one sided methinks. 

Tonight I see Andy and I read a super duper review in the age.  I concede that it was written by a reader, not a reviewer, but when the words are “my favourite since he did the one about pirates” works for me!  I’m excited.  But I have to dress all retro because Trades is waaaay to trendy for me.

Mood: silly
Listening to: Js
Reading: nothing – just finished Genius Squad and am deciding on the next.  I’m between books, if you will

Because mine did.  Thing is, that I even heard it on the radio, but my brain wasn’t fully functioning yet, so I went back to sleep.  For those of you who don’t have ultra modern fancy phones…. new ones are set to adjust automatically to day light saving times.  Only they don’t finish this weekend as per usual.  So even though I heard on the radio “Folks – I wasn’t the only one late to work this morning because of my phone and fake light savings…. it’s 9:15, not 8:15” I still went back to sleep. oops.

In other news, I wanted to talk festival at you.  I’ve seen lots.  So much so, I’m not sure I can remember them all, but we’ll see how we go in what I have got to say.

Daniel Townes:  fun, endearing and entertaining.  If you’re looking for a small name to support this is it.
Adam Rozenbachs: what a shame, I wanted it to be so much better.  He’s kinda the reason people don’t want to sit up the front.
Now… as I’ve started linking… I might tell you that we went to see every Daniel at the festival… so here are the other two
Daniel Kitson:he’s much funnier now.  One of the few big names we go to see.  He’s funny, he’s endearing, he’s full of himself.  An acquired taste, but one that suits my palate just fine! He’s also good friends with…
Daniel Moore:  who is a fun man to go and see.  He was shattered at his Age review, and to be fair, it didn’t do him justice.  He’s thoughtful, funny and leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.  Highly recommended
Now… who else have I seen?
Elbowskin: Most of the reviews for these guys read things like “really, really fuuny” and “they won’t be up and coming for too long so get in now”  and know what? They aren’t wrong.  Doing a bit of a recap on their time to date, they are a funny funny duo and need to be on your list.  You totally want to be saying to people “I’ve been watching them for years now” when they’re famous and so many people want to know them.
Kent Valentine:  watch out what you say people, because you are now looking at my new festival boyfriend.  He’s by far the favourite show I’ve seen this year, and the one that we quote from on a regular basis.  All I have to say it, go see it – Viking ey!!!
Richard McKenzie:hahahahahahaaaaa.*  Poor guy has been shunted as the only person out at Horse Bazaar which is a year and a half away from any other venue in the festival.  Not as bad as the backpackers last year, but damn it’s a close second.  It was fun, entertaining and… it had lego.  In terms of laugh:walk ratio, it’s totally worth it!
*laugh is at the show, not the fact that he’s a million miles away from anywhere
Josh Thomas:  funny and energetic.  He seems more comfortable than last year, and given the reputation he had to live up to he’s done very well. Liked the material better last year, but thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Mark Watson: just go.  It’s more than worth it.
The Jingles: oh… the phrase “wrong, but funny”.  To me it’s what this festival is about (along with Richard McKenzie).  Sitting in a small venue, freezing your arse off, laughing at some guys who are giving it a go.  Not for everyone, but Wen and I had a good laugh.  (Link found… also?  They were reviewed in the age… and it was good)
Justin Kennedy:  we love the man.  He’s funny, he’s entertaining, and if you’re not interested at the start, you will be at the end!  Don’t worry if you didn’t see Ladies last year… he recaps it for you!
Tom Basden: you know… his show is named “won’t say anything” and it’s not until you get in there that you realise… he won’t say anything!!!  A show jam packed with songs and fun stuff, but no talking!  Not only funny, but you get a badge.  Now I wear a badge that says “I won’t say anything” oh how the laughs just keep coming at that!!

Right… there’s more, but I can’t be bothered anymore.  Will update more later.  Here are some things you should watch out for on your comedy bingo list:
*A breakdown of the show
*A mention of Nazis
*Vikings (they’re surprisingly popular this year)
*Teacher joke of any description (though not the stop work kind)
*Being told a) what to do or b) to live in the moment

Please inform myself or Wen if you see a show that isn’t listed and has all 5 plus some laughs!  Also… in case you hadn’t been informed of the opinion… Charlie Pickering, Claire Hooper and Corrine Grant this year aren’t funny (since this is on the net… is that slander?  I hope not… and I did include the word opinion just in case…)

{March 8, 2008}   Dogs

Hi Cara! Thanks for the comment! Hello to anyone else reading this too. If in fact, by some miracle, someone who is not Cara is reading this, and that personal has a dog, then you should keep reading. If you are a writer, or in fact know a writer you should also keep reading. If you are interested in inane ramblings then also, please contiune!

Dog lovers (not in the bestiality way): I have been looking and looking and looking and thought mayhap I’d need to write my own, but finally I found it. I found a website that lists all the places you can walk your dog. Yeehah. It’s attached to a ‘commercial’ website, in that it’s part of a dog food website, but none the less worth looking at. I did not find a part on the website that said you may not link to us, so I hope I’m not infringing on any laws here!

Writers: here is your chance! Wen has discovered that the pun will not be running this comedy festival, and is considering making her own site for reviews of the festival. If you are interested you should check out some of her stuff. If you think you’d like to write, I can even act as your agent (be sure to have a pen handy if I should call though!) Seriously? If you read this and you think you’d like to spend a bit of time at the festival and then share if you loved or hated it, Wen would love to hear from you since, and I paraphrase here, there’s no good Australian review going on this year.

In bragging news, I got a nano, I got a nano, I got a nano hey hey hey hey!

Listening to: the Js
Mood: a little tired
Likes: markets

{March 4, 2008}  

So I’m going to try to link to crankywen – the blog to read for all those who want to know more about the comedy festival, but don’t want to trawl through the guide… wish me luck!


that should totally work…. I’ll post to test.  If I don’t post again… it worked.  Also? Mentally add
When computers work
to the list of things I like I posted earlier.

So, here I am on the couch, on my laptop, watching the cricket.  (Did someone just say green house?  I have no lights on.  Good thing I can touch type huh?)  You know why I can do this? (sit on the couch, not touch type)

BECAUSE I HAVE THE WIRELESS INTERNET.  Yes.  It’s that story.  I wanted the net so I could play on my computer when Ben plays on the home (his) computer.  So I asked.  It was my birthday present.  Then it was my Christmas present.  Then I wised up, and went to the market and got some jewellery the next year.  Then… for Christmas?  The mystery present?  Wireless router (perhaps… I like to pretend I know something about computers).  Now?  Wireless Internet.  The joy of the Internet with the convenience of the couch. 

Now I get to watch Australia suck at cricket at the same time as updating my blog.  Go me.
In other news I wanted to list some things I like:
When you make a cup of tea and it turns out to be juuuuust right
Nice warm nuggles that put you to sleep
When my puppy acts like a puppy

{February 29, 2008}   Do you have my sewing machine?

I know there’s only about 3 people in the world that read this (me, Cara and once… Iluka) but I have to put it out there.  I can’t find it, and I keep running into things that tell me to be creative.  I have this idea that I’d like to make something for school, but I can’t.  Know why?  Because I was kind and let someone borrow my sewing machine, but now I can’t remember who it was.  Help a girl out cyber space!

Being that I’m a slack arse biatch, I have not been a regular updater of this wonderful  (heh) blog so some things are missing.  Like the fact that I have a dog.  Yup, you heard it here… rather late and certainly not first.  Unless you are reading this and you haven’t seen me for a few months – or longer, in which case – Guess what?!

So I am now the proud owner of a Border Collie puppy who is black and white and named Penny (for Penelope [pronounced Pe-ne-lope]) .  She likes to chew things.  And get up on the computer table to see if Ben has left anything to eat.  I fixed that though, I moved the chair that she used to get up on the table…

In other news, I am loving my new job.  Each day brings a challenge, but always a good laugh to go with it.  Example: challenge – convincing someone to come back into the class room after running away.  good laugh: coming out the kitchen to find sticky notes stuck around the room and a grinning student who thinks it’s hilarious.  Truth be told: it was.  I made them write their name on each sticky note!

Will try to update more frequently from now on.  I might just be able to.  Wanna know why?  BECAUSE I HAVE WIRELESS INTERNET.  *does the happy dance*  Stay tuned for an update explaining why I do the happy dance for this.  There is a saga.  Wait – this is my life… of course there’s a saga to go with it.

Mood: productive, though maybe it’s time for a cuppa
Listening to: JJJ

{December 3, 2007}   When Jaye Tried to Drown One…

Astute readers may recall me mentioning this one.  If you don’t, however, let me remind you.  A big news story was how may fish survived the holidays.  Then, how I got 2 leaf insects.  (For those who are not up to date, these animals live at school…)

Well… I looked after them for a whole weekend (even touching the odd looking things) until Sunday.  Then I asked Jaye to look after them for Just One Night.  Well… he got to school in the morning, and one was missing… he thought the cat ate it.  When the container was searched, it was found.  At the bottom of the water for the gum leaves.  Just One Night. 

But wait!  There’s more.  After putting it into a specimen jar, and studying it (like all good scientists do) it was observed that it was still moving.  Being on rounds, I receive an email, telling me about the miracle properties of said leaf insect.  Huzzah for the insect.

Update:  Lazarus did not survive past about 2 days after his resurrection.  He was replaced with another rather lively insect, known as Sticky.  They belong to another teacher now, and I have the originally names Mister and Missus who are rather friendly and enjoy dancing up your arm.

{December 3, 2007}   Exhaustion

Yup.  You can’t imagine how exhausting it is to decide to leave your comfortable, supportive job by applying through the arduous process that is government schools.  Then, realising the enormity of your decision, not to mention having to pack up your room and get all your shite home again, after you’ve had 3 years to bring it in!! 

So.  If you didn’t guess, I got the job I applied for.  It’s a leading curriculum teacher.  At a Special Developmental School.  It should be fun, I loved rounds, and I know it will be different day to day, but I’m really looking forward to it.  It’ll be sad to leave, but when you hear opportunity knocking…

In other news… ANPS won Waki.  Yee Hah.  All that effort paid off.  That’s all I’m saying. 

et cetera