{April 15, 2009}   Opinions

Howdy folks. Long time no updates huh?  That’s because of a little thing we like to call university.  It got me thinking (yup – we take time out for me to giggle at that…) about opinions.  I had to write an essay (I know, shock, horror – the things they make you do at uni) and my initial draft was quite lacking in the summation section.

Writing about education can be tricky.  It’s important that you do your research.  Trust me I did mine.  It’s great to form and idea, work out what you think you believe.  But things can change.  Education goes around in circles and you don’t always know which side of the trend you sit on.  I was scared that in writing that in my humble opinion this is what I think, lest it be taken by people as gospel, out of context and poorly researched.  Which to an extent it may have been.

Either way – it’s tough to write something about what you think is best practice then hand it on to someone else to let them read it even though they may not believe the same thing as you, and it’s going to end up in a huge debate to try and discredit your work.  OK so maybe no one will try to discredit my work, it’s not published anywhere, but you know what I mean.  Mostly the things is: what if in 10 years time I don’t think that anymore, and someone says… but remember back in 2009 you said….. 

So, to step out in the real world and tell people what you think, or to not… I guess here’s the thing I’ve been thinking about.  Good teachers question.  Good teachers keep their research and ideas of best practice up to date.  Good teachers empower.  Whatever opinion I form on what best practice is, I reflect on, test, discuss and research.  Then I form said opinion.  Knowing full well that I will continue to reflect, research, test and discuss.  If during that cycle somewhere along the line I change my mind, that’s ok.  My opinion or belief has changed along with more education.  Ain’t that always the way?  Maybe it’s like Kevin Smith said, and it’s important to have good ideas, but beliefs can get you into trouble.

Either way, with the position I’m in at the moment, a lot of reflection, thinking and discussing is about to take place about how we approach teaching in the special education sector (comments welcome) and how professional we are when we work in the classroom.  I need to have an opinion so that I have something that I can shape and form and mould what I believe is best practice.  And not be scared to teach the way I believe we should teach.  Hopefully I’ll find plenty of time to write and reflect and not be too scared to put my opinions out there to be picked to shreds.  It can only help me make up my own mind about whether it’s something I truly believe in, or if all y’all out there have a point that I missed!


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