{July 15, 2008}   Things that matter

So, this is what happens when I get a bit bored.  I surf the net.  Eventually I get back to and have a bit of a read.  I enjoy it because it makes me think, and I acknowledge it because I’m a little afraid of privacy issues…

Anyway, so lately we’re talking again about “us” versus “them”.  It’s so interesting not only to read the posts over there, but the comments that come back after it.  It made me ponder (shock, I know, I’ll give you a moment to recover….)  how important it is to get people to understand such a simple statement: every one is different, and everyone learns differently.  I work with teachers who like to write their work sheets out and photocopy them.  I like to  whack them up quickly on the computer so I can reuse/ change and edit them.  Now I like to  use  wordtalk to read my worksheets to my students.  This makes it a little easier for me to cater for the many different learning needs.  It does not make it impossible for other teachers to cater for the many different learning needs.  Their teaching needs are met, which makes them function in a way to help them help their students.

Mostly though, it made me think of the hours of work I’ve had to put in for my writing to get to the standard it is today.  I need to stop.  I need to think.  I needed to have a list of questions on a sticky note next to my computer to make sure that I could make a coherent paragraph.  I may also add that the the moment, I am a Masters of Education Student.  Just because some of us make it places, doesn’t mean we did it easily, didn’t search out ways to help ourselves of fight damn hard for the things we need to succeed.

It’s not always about “us” and “them” – who is better, who are winners.  What matters it that both sides are out there, shouting to be heard.  That those who may not be holding the megaphone at the time, get others in to help make up the noise, and point out what they do, how they do it and they help they need to get there.  Maybe that’s the reason I switched to Special Education…  I had a spare megaphone to start yelling


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