{May 14, 2008}   A small rant

Sooo, here is my small rant. Tomorrow I’m going to the forum on the Blueprint Mark 2. Typical of a government body – I don’t feel that I’m qualified to write a submission in reply to the discussion papers until I’ve been to the forum and heard the discussion and ideas being put forth. For the WMR this forum is on Thursday the 15th of May. Written submission (the only sort that they’ll pay attention to) are due on Friday the 16th of May. I might also add, since this officially a rant: we got the email reminding people that the forums are on and when they are and how to book from a colleague. How many times do you think we’re going have to say it… A Special Developmental School is a school. Why the department and the powers that be forget to send us all the mail I will never know.

I also read another blog spot that made me think of Justin… who none of you know as he’s a Canadian friend of mine. He has a learning difficulty (or should I say disability… you’ll have to ask him which he prefers, or just that he learns differently) which means that written word means nothing to him. Ira reminded me of it. All I’d like to say in reply to that is this: do the powers that be really think you enjoy spending your time like that? I am a kinaethestic visual learner. I like noise, mess and movement to help me learn. All of which I can get in my lounge. If it’s not that, then it’s music, wine and curled up in a chair. Do they really think it’s ‘better’ to study in a little room with a computer reading what ever piece of homework you feed in to it? Can that really be considered to be giving people an extra advantage in learning stakes (other than the fact that intelligent people who learn differently may just in fact learn something new). There is no convenience in it, there is little fun in it, and whole lot of wishing you could just get it done ‘like everyone else’ at home or in a study group without feeling pressured or worried about whether the words will stay still on the page long enough for you to grasp at least enough to convince people you’ve read it.

In other news, dinner is on the stove, I have a glass of wine and some cheese. Life is good, I’m fully enthralled by my job and the reading that goes with it. Three cheers for enjoying your job. Oh, and I haven’t been to the gym or for a jog… stay tuned.


Ira Socol says:

I did a podcast interview last week and the host said, “I’ve been trying to read with audiobooks but it takes so long.” I said, “yeah.” In order to read the stuff I get assigned I so often have to scan it (thank God for the wonderful girlfriend who is willing to help) or convert it. That often takes longer than it takes “them” to read it. Then I have to listen to it. If I’m lucky it only takes me three times as long. And my university still thinks I am cheating.

fancyfrog says:

Three cheers to you for perseverance! Three cheers for the wonderful girlfriend who takes the time to help. In fact, three cheers for all partners who help when it’s most needed. Not so much with the cheering for the university though.

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