{May 12, 2008}   Busted!

So… today I have a meeting about the Ultranet.  The new initiative in schools to link up all up to the super highway.  As a result, I was doing a bit of research.  Nothing like rocking up to a meeting to realise you know nothing about what’s going on.  I found myself reading some education blogs – a new world for me.  It had tips, links and ideas.  Which made me think that perhaps I should change my blogging style and put some of my ideas out there.

Turns out – when I logged on I was busted!  I had a comment from another user, where I was bagging out his spelling.  Ah – can I really call it irony?  I’d like to put it out there in a kind of back pedalling way… I’m a terrible speller, and I try my best to make it right.  To be fair – I realised back in 2002 that North Americans spell the way they speak… it was the aluminium/ aluminum discussion that lead me to that conclusion.  With the help of a dictionary.  Mostly, it’s when Australian software changes my spelling and Americanises it.

Anyway – as I chew the food for thought for my study, I think I’ll be putting it out there.  I’ll disclaimer it now:  What I type may not be what I think, rather just something that I’m thinking about, or what I’ve found, sans view.

Happy Reading


Ira Socol says:

Second thing I want from my developer-type friends (the first is fully accessible templates/themes in blogger and WordPress): A switch for Firefox, Word, Google Docs that lets me spellcheck American English/Rest of the World English. I would look substantially less stupid on a daily basis.

fancyfrog says:

Ahh, the spell check is my friend. You don’t look stupid for using American spelling… In fact in light of the discussion that led us here, I might be best to just let it go!

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