{May 11, 2008}   Not the “R” word!!!

Well… professional reading be damned. It’s a bloody interesting thing. I have been party to the ‘retard’ debate and been involved in looooong discussions about the use of the word. I think everyone should read this post on Retard Theory which discusses taking back the word and denormalizing (ick… bloody Americans with their bloody language and stupid spelling) “them” – Ira speaks of the assistance devices that are in place for every body every day – suggesting we
Demand to see the doctor’s note from anyone wearing eyeglasses. Ask for a note from the cardiologist every time you see someone in an elevator. Challenge anyone who prints out a copy of a digitally-supplied text – “Did your doctor say you couldn’t read a computer screen?”
Be sure to read the posts after… food for thought. Try also the awesome article found here.

Consider not what makes your normal, but what makes you special?


Ira Socol says:

If there is one thing to quickly denormalise any of us English speakers, it is being forced to try to spell for both sides of the Atlantic. Which leads me to the idea that sometimes, with new technologies, those of us who “can’t” end up “winning.” I’ve never learned to “keyboard.” I use one finger only, except for bringing in my left-hand for the shift or control keys. But, with that “broken” solution, I have never been thrown by on-screen keyboards, by on-mobile typing, by tiny iPAQ or Blackberry keyboards, or by the way keyboards change country to country. I watched a whole group of “great typists” from America struggle last summer, first with British/Irish keyboards, then with French. And I just kept laughing. Those committed to “normal” sometimes lock themselves into their own little boxes as well.

fancyfrog says:

Fancy seeing you here! Thanks for the comment – and the spelling effort! The world needs more people like you to challenge our thinking and general way of life.

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