{May 5, 2008}   Soooo

I had a lot of fun the other night dressed as Kassa Daggersharp.  Who be she?  The pirate/ witch of Dreadnaught I say… and a mighty fine singer at that.  So when I logged on the other night to start writing, only to become sidetracked by the new chat feature on FB…. wait.  Where was I?  New paragraph to try and find old idea…

Right.  I logged on to start talking boring shit, and it asked me, as it always does, if I’d like to upload an avatar (which I believe in computer speak to mean: put a photo of yourself on you tool!) which lead me to thinking that perhaps one of the nifty pirate photos of me might be a nice idea… so I also had to find out what my pirate name would be…. so here be it
The author of this here blog be: Red Anne Flint.  Keep it in yer head all ye land  lubbers…

Now, excuse me while I go and figure out just how the hell I’m meant to upload a picture of me that I need to download from FB… this could take some time people!!


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