{April 6, 2008}   No help from the phone this time!

Today marks the end of daylight saving… and my phone didn’t love me enough to tell me this time.  Nor did my computer, though it did change the time on the right day!

In other news, I’m non-comm’d.  That’s right people.  You all know, because you’ve all tried to message me, and y’all wondering why I didn’t reply.  That’s what we’ve got Ben for.  But I’m not online, sim not registered, pain in the arse phone call awaiting me as soon as I can be bothered.  On the list of things I like are: being nice to people in call centres.  Everyone who calls is SHITTY and probably with fair reason.  If you call and pretend not to be shitty though, you get what you want a) faster and b) usually at minimal cost to yourself, other than not being shitty, which, lets face it, can sometimes be difficult.

In other news, those of you who know me, know I love to eat.  However, this does have an effect on the waistline.  So here it goes again: I need to hit the gym.  Yup… stay tuned for bitching about being tired… and how much my feet hurt.  I decided last year that I’d like to participate in a 5km fun run this year.  There’s one in September for teachers games, but there’s also one run by the age… in june.  What you all think?  I need some supporting messages people, so please…

Will keep you (hopefully not boringly) updated on how the whole fitness things looks as I get into it this term…

Off to see a panto (ohhh… the hits just keep on coming… not only am I all about the comedy, but trivia nights and live/ interacvtive theatre)


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