{April 2, 2008}   Did you know???

That Goorjian is coaching the South Dragons?  That’s exciting.  It also means that I now have a basketball team to follow, and I might even end up with membership.  yeah.  Also?  I saw Frank Woodley last night.  I’m sorry to say that I thought it would be a little bit shit.  It turned out to be pretty fantastic.  It’s physical, it’s amusing, and the insight in being able to take some of the show to put into the gala, then NOT repeat it in the same way? Marvellous!  I think we may be looking at the reason we don’t see Colin Lane around any more… the creative instinct is a little one sided methinks. 

Tonight I see Andy and I read a super duper review in the age.  I concede that it was written by a reader, not a reviewer, but when the words are “my favourite since he did the one about pirates” works for me!  I’m excited.  But I have to dress all retro because Trades is waaaay to trendy for me.

Mood: silly
Listening to: Js
Reading: nothing – just finished Genius Squad and am deciding on the next.  I’m between books, if you will


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