{March 8, 2008}   Dogs

Hi Cara! Thanks for the comment! Hello to anyone else reading this too. If in fact, by some miracle, someone who is not Cara is reading this, and that personal has a dog, then you should keep reading. If you are a writer, or in fact know a writer you should also keep reading. If you are interested in inane ramblings then also, please contiune!

Dog lovers (not in the bestiality way): I have been looking and looking and looking and thought mayhap I’d need to write my own, but finally I found it. I found a website that lists all the places you can walk your dog. Yeehah. It’s attached to a ‘commercial’ website, in that it’s part of a dog food website, but none the less worth looking at. I did not find a part on the website that said you may not link to us, so I hope I’m not infringing on any laws here!

Writers: here is your chance! Wen has discovered that the pun will not be running this comedy festival, and is considering making her own site for reviews of the festival. If you are interested you should check out some of her stuff. If you think you’d like to write, I can even act as your agent (be sure to have a pen handy if I should call though!) Seriously? If you read this and you think you’d like to spend a bit of time at the festival and then share if you loved or hated it, Wen would love to hear from you since, and I paraphrase here, there’s no good Australian review going on this year.

In bragging news, I got a nano, I got a nano, I got a nano hey hey hey hey!

Listening to: the Js
Mood: a little tired
Likes: markets


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