{March 4, 2008}   Oh wireless… how I love you!

So, here I am on the couch, on my laptop, watching the cricket.  (Did someone just say green house?  I have no lights on.  Good thing I can touch type huh?)  You know why I can do this? (sit on the couch, not touch type)

BECAUSE I HAVE THE WIRELESS INTERNET.  Yes.  It’s that story.  I wanted the net so I could play on my computer when Ben plays on the home (his) computer.  So I asked.  It was my birthday present.  Then it was my Christmas present.  Then I wised up, and went to the market and got some jewellery the next year.  Then… for Christmas?  The mystery present?  Wireless router (perhaps… I like to pretend I know something about computers).  Now?  Wireless Internet.  The joy of the Internet with the convenience of the couch. 

Now I get to watch Australia suck at cricket at the same time as updating my blog.  Go me.
In other news I wanted to list some things I like:
When you make a cup of tea and it turns out to be juuuuust right
Nice warm nuggles that put you to sleep
When my puppy acts like a puppy


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