{February 29, 2008}   Do you have my sewing machine?

I know there’s only about 3 people in the world that read this (me, Cara and once… Iluka) but I have to put it out there.  I can’t find it, and I keep running into things that tell me to be creative.  I have this idea that I’d like to make something for school, but I can’t.  Know why?  Because I was kind and let someone borrow my sewing machine, but now I can’t remember who it was.  Help a girl out cyber space!

Being that I’m a slack arse biatch, I have not been a regular updater of this wonderful  (heh) blog so some things are missing.  Like the fact that I have a dog.  Yup, you heard it here… rather late and certainly not first.  Unless you are reading this and you haven’t seen me for a few months – or longer, in which case – Guess what?!

So I am now the proud owner of a Border Collie puppy who is black and white and named Penny (for Penelope [pronounced Pe-ne-lope]) .  She likes to chew things.  And get up on the computer table to see if Ben has left anything to eat.  I fixed that though, I moved the chair that she used to get up on the table…

In other news, I am loving my new job.  Each day brings a challenge, but always a good laugh to go with it.  Example: challenge – convincing someone to come back into the class room after running away.  good laugh: coming out the kitchen to find sticky notes stuck around the room and a grinning student who thinks it’s hilarious.  Truth be told: it was.  I made them write their name on each sticky note!

Will try to update more frequently from now on.  I might just be able to.  Wanna know why?  BECAUSE I HAVE WIRELESS INTERNET.  *does the happy dance*  Stay tuned for an update explaining why I do the happy dance for this.  There is a saga.  Wait – this is my life… of course there’s a saga to go with it.

Mood: productive, though maybe it’s time for a cuppa
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