{December 3, 2007}   When Jaye Tried to Drown One…

Astute readers may recall me mentioning this one.  If you don’t, however, let me remind you.  A big news story was how may fish survived the holidays.  Then, how I got 2 leaf insects.  (For those who are not up to date, these animals live at school…)

Well… I looked after them for a whole weekend (even touching the odd looking things) until Sunday.  Then I asked Jaye to look after them for Just One Night.  Well… he got to school in the morning, and one was missing… he thought the cat ate it.  When the container was searched, it was found.  At the bottom of the water for the gum leaves.  Just One Night. 

But wait!  There’s more.  After putting it into a specimen jar, and studying it (like all good scientists do) it was observed that it was still moving.  Being on rounds, I receive an email, telling me about the miracle properties of said leaf insect.  Huzzah for the insect.

Update:  Lazarus did not survive past about 2 days after his resurrection.  He was replaced with another rather lively insect, known as Sticky.  They belong to another teacher now, and I have the originally names Mister and Missus who are rather friendly and enjoy dancing up your arm.


{December 3, 2007}   Exhaustion

Yup.  You can’t imagine how exhausting it is to decide to leave your comfortable, supportive job by applying through the arduous process that is government schools.  Then, realising the enormity of your decision, not to mention having to pack up your room and get all your shite home again, after you’ve had 3 years to bring it in!! 

So.  If you didn’t guess, I got the job I applied for.  It’s a leading curriculum teacher.  At a Special Developmental School.  It should be fun, I loved rounds, and I know it will be different day to day, but I’m really looking forward to it.  It’ll be sad to leave, but when you hear opportunity knocking…

In other news… ANPS won Waki.  Yee Hah.  All that effort paid off.  That’s all I’m saying. 

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