{November 26, 2007}   I killed a tree

Yup… not in that cut it down, ring bark it kinda way.  In that I’ve printed out enough pages to make me feel guilty kinda of way.  I’ve been writing lately.  And writing.  And writing.  So far I’ve clocked up:

  • 15 days worth of reflection whilst on rounds
  • A reflective essay to go with said reflection notes
  • An ethics application (20 pages WITHOUT me even starting to fill it out. oh… and 15 copies to hand in for the committee)
  • A job application (it just seemed to go with the flow but I told NO ONE, in case I didn’t get an interview….)
  • Reports (scoff all you non teachers reading with me…. cry all you teachers reading with me!)

Ah yes, and printing to poof read (heeee. my favourite stupid joke) killed a small forest, because I can’t print back and front.  Though I might add that my reports have a big purple line on one side after I reprinted on the other side.

IN other news… I went on strike.  When I joined the union, I thought I would be a paying member, but never head out on a stop work.  How wrong can a girl be?  I discovered that I have a lot of opinions on things I never knew I cared about!  Mayhap it’s not so much that, but experience showing me I really don’t have to put up and shut up all the time.  I’m sure I’ll make my views more apparent later on… (just ask Cara!) right now I think I need a nap, or at least to zone out in front of the TV!

Thanks to Bek for her helping with ethics.
Thanks to Robyn for helping with the super secret application.
Thanks to Ben for all the food and keeping me sane.

Feeling: relieved (from handing in ethics) and tired (from realising how close the end is and it’s ok to slow down before the final sprint)
Listening to: News update.


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