{October 24, 2007}   Damn you Facebook

Hey all y’all.

So it’s been some time since I’ve been here.  Mostly it’s been the whole going on rounds stuff.  But mostly, it’s finding Facebook.  That thing is the biggest time waster in the whole wide *ahem* web. (Oh come off it… you know you were thinking it too!)  Seriously, as if browsing through photos of friends doesn’t take most of your time anyway, they put on applications that let you throw sheep at people, send drinks to others and???  rock paper scissors!  Like we need that sort of interference!

 In other news, in a few years time I’m headed to Special.  I’m loving it… I also think that it might be because I can be just as stubborn as others.

In more news?  My fish are still alive even after two weeks holidays (though that doesn’t include 3 weeks of CRT [sorry Tammy]) and then… speaking of little pets that can’t communicate, I got 2 leaf insects…. stay tuned for the saga of When Jaye Tried to Drown One…  coming soon…

Mood: mildly energetic
Listening to:  jjj as always


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