{July 30, 2007}   Can you back-date that?

Hi y’all.
So I totally didn’t get time to post about my first day ever teaching in an SDS and now I’m about to head back for my next.  Wanna know why?  It’s not that exciting, but I took mum to the airport, and then I went to Geelong to have my nose checked (standard procedure… everything is healing well) and then I slept.  A lot. 

So teaching in an SDS is a total mind shift for me coming from mainstream.  I almost freaked out when the kids ran off to go to brain gym… and when one of the little ones spent the time walking in circles rather than participating.  It was all ok, but to my mainstream self it was a mind shift.  Maybe order plays such a big role in my life because I’m private schooled.  Hmmm, could explain a bit… but not my desk.  Which I can see this year.  Mind you it’s three times the size of the one I’ve had previously!!

Either way, I had a ball with the kids.  I think it was great for them to have a mainstream teacher in the room, because I set them tasks and they did them… which I later found out they hadn’t done before.  Two are non verbal, and there is a list – albeit a very short list – of the words that they speak.  I think the day that one of those two little ones talk to me will be that moment that will make me want to teach special.

In other news, I have fish at school.  I like fish.  I’ll let you know when I have no more fish, because little animals that can’t speak to me should not be my pets.

Listening to: JJJ – perhaps.  I can’t hear it over the hum of the computer
Mood:  Exhausted


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