{July 15, 2007}   Small Things

make me happy.  They make me smile, and end up on the list of ‘things I like’.  Small things also amuse small minds…. you make the call. 

So… today, I get in the car, and listen to two of my favourite songs… Hotel Yorba by White Stripes (boy… is that funto dance to in the kitchen) and then half of Sprung Monkey’s Party Like a Rockstar (So cal loco).  yeah.  I love that song, and now I flash to Dude… where’s my car?anyway… I get out the car, I shop around (I’m going to try and make up to mum for getting my nose done by taking her It’s all fun and games until somebody loses and eyeby Christopher Brookmyer) and then I head into the pub to talk new Potter with one of the staff members.  I sit and have a beer with Des and Dean and others in the pub… all the while singing in my head

“knokin back laughs and a bottle or two
just a watchin that ass as it rolls on through
life is short soN better have fun
(party like a rockstar kick a little ass)
crack a cold one snap a fat one in the mid day sun
(rock it like a pornstar slap a little ass)” 

Finally it leaves me, I shop (I’ll come to that) and check all the ingredients like a good girl (yup, I’m trying to actually follow through on the no wheat thing) and get back into the car.  Small things:  I’ve totally forgotten that so cal loco was playing… and I’m totally excited to hear it playing again when I get in the car.  Stupid really.

So now, I have the things I need to cook:
*  steak siciliana
*  tacos
*  mash potatoes (though to be fair, the sauce for the steak will be stirred through the fun mash…)
AND I have wine and cheese.  What a nice way to finish the holidays

Mood: relaxed!
Listening to: Damien Rice


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